Joint Practice Development and Collaboration 2015

Following the wider work of the WSDN last year in seeking to find ways to broaden and deepen collaboration, we have decided to continue this thread in 2015 and offer another opportunity for county wide Joint Practice Development.  It is clear that there is much to be gained and much work being done on both research powered development in schools and opportunities for growth when schools work collaboratively together.

We intend to use our network and it’s links with the SSAT to allow schools in West Sussex to work collaboratively, share experience and develop ideas together. This will be based around the core themes from last year which echo the principles of Redesigning Schooling. We believe ours is a network based on mutual trust and professional respect, despite many different settings and contexts, we still have much to benefit from working together and there is a sense of a real willingness to do so across the county at all levels.

Working under the umbrella of the headings from Redesigning Schools all suggestions for projects are welcome. (RS in Action containing handy wall chart here!)

Think about what you are doing anyway: Is it Lesson Observations without grades, is it methods of tracking for Progress 8, is it mastery at KS3, is it effective intervention that actually works with middle ability/low ability/PPG ……… other???? It’s not as if we are short of things to do and its always so much better to work with someone else to share ideas!

We will receive submissions of projects that colleagues are working on or are developing which they would be interested in sharing with colleagues, we will then try to match you with with other colleagues who are interested in a similar area – of course if you already have partners in mind please indicate this on the sheet or submit as a group. We will then signpost research that might inform that process or project. Colleagues will be supported in working together to enhance or develop the project/s mutually. If we cannot match you then we will not be able to set up a JPD project but we may well be able to signpost other schools nationally or research which may help you develop your work.

In constructing this we will be supported by Tom Middlehurst (@Tom_Middlehurst) from the SSAT and as last year we also have the potential support of Expansive Education (@eed_net) who would like to help us and support the research side of the development, they might be able to come on board once the partnerships are set up to look at how this will best work and move forward.

Dates and Details

  • WSDN Research Forum submission
  • The first step would be to complete the form of interest (above) and return by the close of March 27th (send to
  • For all other details and information about other forthcoming WSDN events, continue following us via @WSDN3 or this blog.
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