We take the work of the WSDN a step further this year as promised with our own take on collaborative research.  It is clear that there is much to be gained and much work being done on both research powered development in schools and also the opportunities presented for growth when schools work collaboratively together

We intend to build on the discussions last year around the Redesigning School agenda and use our network to allow schools in West Sussex to work collaboratively, share experience and develop ideas together. We believe ours is a network based on mutual trust and professional respect, despite many different settings and contexts, we still have much to benefit from working together and there is a sense of a real willingness to do so across the county.

Working under the umbrella of the headings from Redesigning Schools: Teaching and Learning and Curriculum predominantly the link  below gives some examples of what the submissions for research projects could be but all suggestions are welcome

What might the research areas be?

We are already receiving submissions of  projects that colleagues are working on or are developing which they would be interested in sharing with colleagues, so do make sure you get yours in if interested.

  • These will be matched with other colleagues who are interested in a similar area
  • We will then signpost research that might inform that process or project
  • Colleagues will be supported in working together to enhance or develop the project/s mutually

In constructing this we will be supported by Tom Middlehurst (@Tom_Middlehurst)from the SSAT and following conversations at the National Conference, we also have the interest of Expansive Education (Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas, @eed_net) who would like to help us and support the research side of the development, they will come on board once the partnerships are set up to look at how this will best work and move forward.

Dates and Details

  • The first step would be to complete the form of interest (above) and return by the close of February 7th (send to
  •  The Research Forum will then take place on February 13th at Midhurst Rother College, Midhurst.
  • For all other details and information about other forthcoming WSDN events, including the “can’t miss” Curriculum Forum continue following us via @WSDN3 or this blog.
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