WSDN Annual Conference 2013: Going from strength to strength

We are very grateful to all those who attended last week the 3rd WSDN Annual Conference. This was the highest attended and best represented across the county to date, we hope to continue to grow over the course of the year.  We are as ever very grateful for all delegates’ input and ideas, these keep the network alive and ensure it fulfils its commitment. Your engagement is a vital part of the success. As promised this is a brief blog which will give you all the materials you are after. We are under no illusion that any words of wisdom here will be more than glanced over before diving straight into the details from the conference…. and quite right too!

We are very grateful to Bill Watkin for his sage words and irreverent tone which somehow makes the news more palatable. Thank goodness for Bill who brilliantly sifts the most relevant and pertinent pieces of information for us into a clear picture of what is urgent and relevant for us to engage with. All the details from his presentation can be found in this link: Making sense of change 13 November 2013

John Tomsett was also really well received and provided a much-needed dose of humour, honesty and humility into the day.  A genuine inspiration and standard-bearer for headship, John reminded us that values led leadership keeps the core purpose at the forefront at all times. His key phrases, inspirations and thought-provoking ideas can be found here: Successful School Leadership

The afternoon session provided intellectual rigour and thought-provoking challenge from Professor Guy Claxton. He maintained that it is not only possible but vital that we place at the heart of a school curriculum the habits, values and attitudes we wish our students to develop. That this is not instead of the National Curriculum, not on top of what we currently do but at the core of everything a school does; how and why it does it. Do we know what’s going on below the line….? Guy Claxton BLP Secondary principals July13

Remember to sign up to follow @WSDN3 for the thread of great ideas that is currently running every day, providing opportunities to network on-line and to hear things you might have missed on conference day. Plus…

  • Details of the Accountability Forum will be out very shortly and due to happen before Christmas.
  • We are very excited by the prospect of the new JPD project and will be offering places shortly for the Research Forum to launch it….

Watch this space. …….West Sussex building professional capacity together! Thanks again for a great conference, we hope you all have a great rest of the term.

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